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Indo-EU Symposium on Air Traffic Management

Indo-EU Symposium on Air Traffic Management
India and the European Commission organised on the 23rd-24th of November 2009 in New Delhi a symposium on Air Traffic Management.

The symposium aimed at:

· presenting and exchanging views on India and European initiatives such as regulatory frameworks and modernisation programmes.

· exploring together fields of cooperation on how to deliver a safe, efficient and effective ATM service for both domestic and inter-regional traffic.

From the Indian side, participants from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the DGCA, Airports Authority of India, airlines and airport operators were present. From the EU side, the European Commission, the SESAR Joint Undertaking, Eurocontrol, FAB Europe Central, Member States and industry were present.

The participants identified the following topics as areas for further cooperation:

* Capacity building on performance evaluation and review, notably in the fields of safety and quality of Air Navigation services (capacity, flight efficiency, delays, predictability and cost).

* Validation methodologies and infrastructure to ensure implementation of new technologies, including satellite based capacities (GNSS, SATCOM).

* Building an India-EU partnership in the field of operators training in order to meet safety obligations.

* Explore short term actions which can result in quick wins for EU and Indian airlines (e.g. AIRE or Oceanic operations) .

* Collaboration and cooperation in rule making in areas such as Air Traffic Flow Management, Flexible use of airspace, flight plan etc.

(c) Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. Date posted: 26-Nov-09

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